Causes we care about?

The Leopard - NYOKI (in Lingala)

To understand why we care about the NYOKI, leopard, you must understand ALALELA’s brand identity and the story behind our logo.

Why saving the NYOKI?

The leopard NYOKI in Lingala has an important place in African culture where the animal, considered the king of animals, is the attribute of the chiefs of many tribes.

Today these species are considered to be in critical danger of extension.

Committed to preserving nature, and aware that there is no planet B, a % of our revenue is intended to support PARC DE CONKOUATI-DOULI CONGO in the D.R. Congo for the protection of the leopard and global biodiversity due to human impact.


Parcs de Noe in the D.R. Congo


Created in 2018, Parcs de Noé is a branch of the French NGO Noé.

The goal of Parcs de Noé is to contribute to the sustainable management of protected areas through a model of delegated management, involving responsibility and accountability, to safeguard biodiversity, security, and local development.


Where the African rain-forest meets the Ocean

The Conkouati-Douli National Park is located in the southwest of the Republic of Congo, on the border with Gabon, covering an area of 504,905 hectares.

The Park was created in 1999, replacing the Conkouati Wildlife Reserve existed since 1980.

The National Park is today also recognized as a Ramsar Site and is registered on the indicative list of UNESCO World Heritage. Cross-border with the Mayumba National Park in Gabon, the two parks form a block of 600,000 ha of unique forest, coastal and marine habitat.

Conkouati is also home to a chimpanzee sanctuary created by the NGO HELP CONGO.