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Home Fragrance & Textile Parfum de Grasse

The scented home fragrances of ALALELA create a pleasant and relaxing olfactive ambience in your home by spreading your favourite interior perfumes with a truly lovely olfactive character to your rooms.


Scented Reed Diffusers

Our scented reed diffusers are elegantly unit and gratifying interior decoration to fragrance home.


Scented Soaps

Alalela’s scented soaps are cold-process soap ethically sourced and sustainably handcrafted soap scented with essential oils and coloured with botanical elements and have no additives. Lovely Vegan & Eco-friendly.


scented candles

Elegantly lighting, decorating, and perfuming your home. Our scented candles are handmade with love and 100% organic.


Our magnificent eco-luxury home scents and Parfums de Grasse bring an elegant decorative touch and fragrant notes of luxury. It is much appreciated in the comfort and well-being.  The home scents perfume your interiors and create an unforgettable sensorial memory.

Formulated with the finest high-quality raw materials and essential oils, our eco-luxury home scents and Parfums de Grasse scented your special moments. A real sensorial universe that perfumes your senses.

Native Botanical Scented Soaps

Organic & Vegan-Friendly Soaps


Slow Perfumery
Is Made Of These

As a sustainable brand, we create slow perfumery home scents products that harness the power of nature. Effective organic ingredients to support your skin type.

Eco-luxury and timeless scented candles & scented soaps handmade with love for your wellness rituals at home.

Eco-luxury Home Scents

Sustainably sourced & ethically handcrafted – Parfum de Grasse

Sensorial Pleasures

Scented diffusers area unit gratifying interior decoration to fragrance home.

An elegant and minimalist home decor object. And it’s elegant, chic still as ornamental delighting you with the luxurious aromas of Parfums de Grasse.
The rattan sticks crammed the fragrance by surface tension and unfold the aroma of perfume within the close air.


Re-imagine your bathing rituals with powerful botanical ingredients.

Handmade for all Skin Types.
Alalela’s soaps are safe for most sensitive skin types and work great! Our scented soaps are handmade with natural products and are produced 100% organic using a hypoallergenic vegan soap base of organic oils.

Start your wellness journey and experience an eco-luxury ritual delighting your senses.

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