Luxury Home Fragrances | Sustainability & Craftsmanship

Luxury Home Fragrances | Sustainability & Craftsmanship


Timeless Luxury Scents

Parfums de Grasse

The Pure Promise

Experience the luxurious scent of nature with our eco-luxury home scents perfect for perfuming your home with unique and natural aromas.

We use nature’s most precious elements to make non-toxic home fragrance products of parfums de Grasse formulated with the finest high-quality raw materials and essential oils.​

No Artificial Anything

We use nature's most precious elements and nothing more.

Sustainably Sourced

From sustainable local ateliers to our local showroom.

Parfums de Grasse

Known as the world capital of perfumery.

Happiness Guaranteed

Having the highest quality standards and being certified allows us to exceed customer expectations.


Handcrafted know-how


With an artisanal elaboration process and sustainable production model, using raw materials of natural origin and recyclable materials, we strive to provide the highest quality product.

In Alalela’s home scents products, recycled glass bottles make durable decorative objects that carry meaning, emotion, and sensory memories.

The upcycling, sustainable minimalism, and elegant design we believe in are the cornerstones of our design work.

Eco-luxury & Slow Perfumery

The town of Grasse is famous and well-known for the quality of its essences and its creations for luxury perfumery, especially for its perfumes. The know-how of perfumery in Grasse is transmitted from generation to generation.

Timeless Luxury Scents

The aromatherapy of Alalela is an "eco-luxe slow perfumery" that uses perfumes of Grasse. Your senses are pampered by a sensory universe.




The iconic perfume of the effigy of ALALELA is the bitter orange blossom known in French as Fleur d’Oranger, the fragrant white flower of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium L).

It was once the symbol of virginity and was used as a crown in royal families for brides. In perfumery, orange blossom has a floral, waxy, sweet, powdery, and green scent. Compared to the essence of Neroli obtained with similar flowers, the orange blossom smells more heavily.


The Leopard – NYOKI is the emblematic animal of the D.R. Congo, former Zaire, where the founder father’s roots is from. And the orange and white colors represent the flower of the orange blossom.

In this logo, it is her cultural and family heritage that we find. In her Congolese ancestry culture, leopards were regarded as symbols of royalty and high status.

Alalela is more than just a home scents brand.

Alalela is timelessness, respect for traditions, an homage to her origins, and olfactory memories with an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.