Who’s Alalela

Who’s Alalela

Timeless Luxury Home Scents

“Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous, and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. These choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company.”

Did you know that the first thing a person perceives when entering a room, a house, is the smell?

The magnificent home scents of Alalela bring an elegant decorative touch and fragrant notes of luxury much appreciated.  In the comfort and well-being of your home, it is perfuming your interiors and creating an unforgettable sensorial memory.

Slow perfumery made of Parfums de Grasse, Alalela perfumes your special moments. A real sensorial universe perfuming your senses.


ceo / Founder


How It All Began

In 2020, the Covid and the confinement made me reflect on the importance of feeling good at home to evolve in a safe, pleasant, and soothing environment. To find a relaxing atmosphere.

These long months of being confined without being able to receive visitors, travel, be deprived of my loved ones or outside activities have given birth or rebirth to ALALELA. (as it’s also my name). 

I had to reproduce here, in Belgium, the warmth of my home in Africa, that I rediscover the scents of our garden planted with bitter orange trees, this little tree on which the orange blossom grows and which perfumed the paths of the garden and our House.

This sustainable slow cosmetics and slow perfumery project is fully in the service of my convictions regarding an eco-living and sustainable lifestyle. 

Believing in sustainability & supporting craftsmanship

During 20 years, I have acquired solid business experience including Marketing Directorates and Business Strategies.

I thus had the opportunity to experience and implement a virtuous circle between economic performance and sustainable social performance, delivering recognized Business results while combining employee well-being and commitment.

I have been carrying this project for a couple of years and I accomplish it as a natural continuation of my past experiences my passion for sustainable craftsmanship, a sustainable lifestyle, and a responsible ethical business model.

Parfums de Grasse & Timeless Luuxry Home Scents by Alalela


Behind The Brand

Creative  Fashion Consultant, Marketing Business Strategist

Alalela, known as Julie, has won several awards for her fashion and marketing expertise. Due to her commitment to Fashion Sustainability, she has given several workshops and been a speaker for several conferences, events about sustainability and slow fashion.

Julie won the prize as the best Creative Fashion consultant in Spain, the Winner of Swiss Fashion Sustainable Business, and has participated in several sustainable and fashion events.

Julie has globally recognized fashion platforms and media such as Marie-Claire, Elle, Raine Fashion School, and CNBC Africa have also recognized her work.

I am Alalela

Ethical & Sustainable Socialite
Awarded for my commitment to sustainability.

The meaning of the logo


The Leopard – NYOKI is the emblematic animal of the D.R. Congo, former Zaire, where my father is from.

The orange and white colors represent the orange blossom.

In this logo, it is my cultural and family heritage that we find.

In our ancestral culture, the leopard was the symbol of royalties African in some tribes and high society. Alalela is more than just a home fragrance brand.

Alalela is timelessness, tradition, respect for traditions, an homage to my origins, and olfactory memories with an ethical and sustainable lifestyle

The effigy of the brand

The iconic perfume of the effigy of ALALELA is the bitter orange blossom known in French as La Fleur d’Oranger, the fragrant white flower of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium L).

It was once the symbol of virginity and was used as a crown in royal families for brides.

The town of Grasse is famous and well-known for the quality of its essences and its creations for luxury perfumery, especially for its perfumes.

The know-how of perfumery in Grasse is transmitted from generation to generation.


Transformations from raw material to essence cannot always be automated and it is this quality of know-how that also contributes to the heritage of Grasse and the prestige of Grasse perfumes