Who’s Alalela

Who’s Alalela

β€œSimplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Do you know that the first thing a person perceives when entering a room, a house, is the smell?

With Alalela’s magnificent home scents, you will add an elegant decorative touch and enjoy fragrant notes of luxury that you will greatly appreciate.Β  It creates an unforgettable sensory memory in your home, perfuming your interiors and perfuming your well-being.

The Aromatherapy of Alalela is a slow perfumery that uses Parfums de Grasse. Your senses are pampered by a sensory universe.


ceo / Founder


How It All Began

Covid and confinement in 2020 made her reflect on the importance of feeling safe, comfortable and soothed at home.

After being confined without traveling, or being deprived of her loved ones and outside activities for a long time, ALALELA has been born… Reborn…as it’s also her name.

Having been confined in Belgium, she missed the warmth of her family home in Congo and the smell of her bitter orange trees in the garden. It is this little tree that grows orange blossoms and scents the paths of the house’s garden.

As a true believer in eco-living and sustainable lifestyles, she has dedicated this sustainable slow perfumery project to her convictions

Believing in sustainability & supporting craftsmanship

The founder has acquired solid business experience including marketing directorates and business strategies and had the opportunity to experience and implement a virtuous circle between economic and sustainable social performance.

Alalela – Timeless Luxury Scents project is a natural continuation of her previous experience and passion for sustainable craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyles and responsible ethical business models.

Parfums de Grasse & Timeless Luuxry Home Scents by Alalela


Behind The Brand

Β Consultant & Marketing Business Strategist

In addition to her fashion and marketing expertise, Alalela, also known as Julie, has won several awards. As a result of her commitment to fashion sustainability, she has given several workshops and spoken at several conferences and events.

Among Julie’s accomplishments are being named best creative fashion consultant in Spain, being the winner of Swiss Fashion Sustainable Business, and participating in several sustainable fashion events.

Raine Fashion School, and CNBC Africa have all recognized Julie’s work as a global fashion platform and media.

She is Alalela!

Ethical Socialite awarded for her commitment to sustainability.