Pop-Up at Brussels Boutique in London


September 12, 2023 - October 14, 2023    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Brussels Boutique
Picadilly Circus, Regent Street 52, London, London

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Exciting News: Pop-Up store Alalela’s London Showcase at Brussels Boutique of Hub Brussels!

We are thrilled to announce that starting in September  2023, Alalela will be making its debut appearance at the prestigious Brussels Boutique. A thematic pop-up store nestled within the heart of London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus on Regent Street 52. This exclusive opportunity brings the allure of our timeless eco-luxury scents of Grasse and home fragrances to discerning audiences in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Partner with Alalela: Join Our B2B Wholesaler Program

Alalela invites retailers and businesses across the UK to partake in our B2B Wholesaler Program and experience the essence of refined luxury that our brand embodies. This is your chance to join hands with Alalela and create a partnership that resonates with your unique vision while upholding the values of elegance, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Elevate Your Retail Experience: 

  • Curated Selection:

Alalela understands that every concept store and multi-brand boutique has its own distinct vision. We are committed to selecting partners who share our values and are equally dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences to their clientele.

  • Exclusive Showcase:
For instance, at Brussels Boutique, Alalela’s scents will grace the shelves, capturing the essence of elegance and luxury. Don’t miss the chance to offer your customers a sensory journey like no other.

Book an Appointment:

We extend a warm invitation to you to book an appointment and explore the opportunity of becoming an Alalela distributor as part of our carefully curated partnerships. Your participation will not only allow you to showcase and sell our products but also align your business with a brand synonymous with sophistication and sustainability.

Therefore, if you schedule your appointment for 12/09, 13/09, 14/09, or 15/09, you can meet with the founder in person at Brussels Boutique.

Contact Us:

We invite you to reserve your appointment for a B2B meeting at Brussels Boutique Pop-Up and learn more about partnering with Alalela, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s embark on a journey to elevate the retail experience and redefine luxury together.

Elevate Your Partnership, Embrace Luxury – Alalela Awaits to Shine Brightly at Brussels Boutique Pop-Up.

This action is funded by the European Union as part of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve:

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