Olfactory and visual senses

The magnificent interior scents and perfumes of the ALALELA candles & scented soaps and its home fragrance diffusers bring you an elegant decorative touch and perfumed notes of luxury much appreciated in comfort and well-being. The transmodal link between the olfactory and visual senses has a strong power in our perception of our life.

Scent can stimulate visual processing by drawing attention to the possible scent source and making it easier to identify.

A smell or scent (for example an odor of an apple) and a visual stimulus are naturally associated with this scent (image of an apple). A perfume takes you to a moment, a memory, or an association with a person, a place, or a thing.

Make your interiors a world of unforgettable memories by diffusing our timeless luxury interior fragrances. Timeless memories that will not fade over time.

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